Britney Spears + Public Restrooms = Me, astounded

I know, making fun of Britney Spears is SO 2008, but some British rag (that I swear I’m don’t remember how I found it or what I was reading on their site) had a story about the poor girl making a potty stop in a McDonald’s and it reminded me of old times.  Their pictures were lame.  It looked to me like she was taking her boys for a couple of Happy Meals.  They were just piling on and old story.  I mean, how long has it been since she was photographed going, barefoot, into a gas station bathroom?  Ewww.  Ok, I had to see that picture again.  Something like that simply amazes me, almost as much as cats pooping in toilets…  Google produced four legit pics of Britney and bathrooms.  I share them now, for your pleasure.

Note the bare feet. After all these years Im still awed, confused and grossed out by this whole scene.

Ok, this one is for a Candies shoes ad or something, but it works with my theme...


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