Things I Love: Warm Beds are Priceless

I have three kids.  Kids often need their moms at night.  Between my three, I’m up with one or the other of them at least once most nights.  I’m yanked from my cozy, comfortable bed so I can go shiver while I comfort a little person who’s fallen out of bed or had a nightmare.  Even when I’m only with the child for a few minutes, I’m always frozen by the time I get back to my own bed.  Getting back into bed used to be almost as uncomfortable as getting out because the bed cooled and the sheets were positively cold when I returned to them.  Then, we bought a Tempur-Pedic bed and let me tell you, it has become my bit of luxury in the night.  The Tempur material holds heat, so it’s still the welcoming and snug when I return.  Being able to climb back into a still warm bed is priceless.  Bless you Tempur-Pedic.


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