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Chuck the Dump Truck Love

Chuck Himself

If you aren’t the parent of a preschool aged boy, you can move along now.  This post is for lovers of trucks.  Big, chunky, primary colored trucks.  Specifically, Chuck and Friends from Hasbro.  I know, lots of parents have issues with toy companies over characterization of classic toys so kids get hooked on brands.  I see where they are coming from – for many years if it wasn’t Disney or Barbie it wasn’t getting played with at my house because there wasn’t an accompanying cartoon tie in to hook the kids.  It annoyed me, and it concerned me for vague reasons dealing with imagination and the general over commercializationof childhood.  I had to get over all that  because to find non-character toys built with the same quality is not only next to impossible when the Wal-Mart toy isle is the closest we come to a real toy store in our small town, but they are quite expensive comparatively.  While I’d love to give my little boy the fabulous wooden trucks built from renewable resources, they are almost triple the cost of Chuck the Dump Truck and I’d have to track them down on-line and pay shipping…  Blah, blah, blah.  Hasbro it is!  And, having said all that I’ll get to the point of this whole thing.

I found a fun new website full of Chuck and friends!  There are two games simple enough for my two-year old son to play but cute enough my five-year old daughter liked them, too.  There was also a nice collection of videos from the new TV series based on the toys.  The videos have no redeeming qualities when it comes to educational value or even being well made, but they are shows about my little boy’s favorite things – TRUCKS!- so he was ecstatic over them.  If you are still reading and want to check it out, click HERE Your preschool son will thank you.

(FYI: the Hub is the new channel formed when Hasbro joined up with Discovery Kids. is full of preschool videos and games based on the shows on the new channel.  So far I haven’t found any that I love as a parent, but they are all age appropriate and a nice break from


*I have received no compensation for this post.  I am simply happy to have found this fun new way to entertain my son and wanted to pass it on.


Those Darn Birds!

I’m functioning a slowly today because I’m an idiot.  I spent the last two nights staying up late playing one more round of Angry Birds.  I feel so dumb.  It’s not like it’s particularly relaxing at the end of a stressful day to let stupid green pigs laugh at you.  It’s not like I’m gaining anything intellectually as I would if I’d been reading a great book.  It’s not rational at all.  But, there I was, 12:30 AM cheering to myself – didn’t want to wake the kids – when I killed that last darn pig!  So, after cussing myself this morning when I had to get up, I wasn’t sure I wanted to view this video.  Sure, it had a great premise, but more birds?  I kinda hated them at the moment.  However, I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I didn’t.  This is the odd kind of funny I needed this morning.  And, it’s an improvement on any real Michael Bay movie I’ve ever seen!

May I present Angry Birds: The Movie