Those Darn Birds!

I’m functioning a slowly today because I’m an idiot.  I spent the last two nights staying up late playing one more round of Angry Birds.  I feel so dumb.  It’s not like it’s particularly relaxing at the end of a stressful day to let stupid green pigs laugh at you.  It’s not like I’m gaining anything intellectually as I would if I’d been reading a great book.  It’s not rational at all.  But, there I was, 12:30 AM cheering to myself – didn’t want to wake the kids – when I killed that last darn pig!  So, after cussing myself this morning when I had to get up, I wasn’t sure I wanted to view this video.  Sure, it had a great premise, but more birds?  I kinda hated them at the moment.  However, I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I didn’t.  This is the odd kind of funny I needed this morning.  And, it’s an improvement on any real Michael Bay movie I’ve ever seen!

May I present Angry Birds: The Movie


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