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Corporate Country Sucks

I like country music.  There, I said it.  Harry Potter and country music.  I’m SO not hip.  That’s ok.  I like me anyway.  However, I do not like the country music you hear on the radio.  In fact, I have no use for FM radio, CMT, the CMA or GAC.  (If you don’t know what any of those are, you’re missing nothing.)  I think I got off the current bandwagon some time in the late 80’s.  There are only three big time artists I still love (George Strait, Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson, for the record).  That means I listen to a lot of old music, which is usually okay but I’m always excited about finding a new artist with a sound I love.   Corporate Country Sucks was recently brought to my attention.  It’s a cool little place to see what’s going on under the radar in the country music world and if you have a few bucks to spare you can send them a couple to help support REAL country music.    Viva Independence!


Any Harry Potter Nuts in the House?

I’m a total Harry Potter geek and I have the Professor McGonagall costume to prove it.  I also have a whole list of blogs that bring me interesting little tidbits from around the web.  A few days ago one of my favorite blogs, Super Punch, brought a little  nerd dream right to my laptop.  It’s a teaser trailer for a TV show that doesn’t exist.  And it’s about characters based on the Harry Potter books, but who aren’t actually IN the books.  Seriously?  That’s like Big Bang Theory nerdy.   Still, I totally wish this was real.  I’d already have the TiVo set!

Oh Fluffy Pants.

Hi! No, I'm not wearing fluffy pants.

Hi, I’m Robyn.  This blog is my experimental place to  post whatever thought wanders  through my brain or share the shiny, happy things I find.  No theme, no promises, just my little online laboratory.  I’ll use the category menu at the top  to group my posts, or you can click on the list at the right to see them individually.  And all this is subject to change on my whim.  Thanks for playing!

Oh, and like most bloggers, this is something of an exercise in narcissism.  That means I love feedback.  Leave some comments- please?

Put Fictionist on the Cover of Rolling Stone!

There’s a fabulous band from Utah (Fictionist) in the running to be the first unsigned band on the cover of Rolling Stone.  I have no connection to them, but I love it when they visit my town.  They are an eclectic, talented, entertaining group of guys and I’d really, really love to see them get some serious exposure.  If you’re so inclined, check them out by clicking their picture.

Don’t forget to vote FIVE stars for Fictionist!


Sleep, what do you have against me?

I prize sleep.  Truly, I do.  Why, then, did I only get 5 hours of it last night???  I have to admit I stayed up till 11:30 reading.  (It was a cool book, I swear.)  And then I couldn’t go to sleep because I stupidly turned on Food Network’s Last Cake Standing and I HAD to see who got sent home.  So, it was nearly 1 before I actually slept.  Fine, I don’t have to be up and at ’em till 7:30.  Six some odd hours isn’t great, but it’ll get me through.  Sleep, however, must

have decided I didn’t deserve it’s company after all though, because I  was wide awake just before 6 A.M.  Honestly – What is that about??? Does my subconscious want me to have a crappy day?  Am I punishing myself for not being smart enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  All I can say is watch out afternoon – I’m gonna be one cranky Momma by the time I get to you today!

In somewhat related news, researchers have discovered the gene which makes some people use more caffeine than others.  As someone who’s childhood home was coffee free for religious reasons, but whose father surreptitiously  consumed it anyway, one would think I might never had developed a taste for the stuff.  But I, like virtually everyone else I know, developed a nice caffeine addiction based on soda in high school and I never looked back.  Once I got used to a nice, creamy cup of joe in the morning, I really started to lean on it.  Being pleasantly and correctly caffeinated is one of my favorite states.  (Hmmm…  Maybe that’s why I was up and at ’em after only five hours of sleep last night…)  Do I think I’m a true addict?  No.  No more so than most of the rest of the western world.  But the research is interesting.  You can read more about it here. And I will definitely be consuming more coffee than the average person today.  I love you, coffee.

Good to know! (How to get around subscription firewalls.)

Many newspapers are taking their on line publications out of the realm of free internet content.  To long time surfers like myself, that’s kind of a bummer.  I don’t hate the papers because I totally understand that creating good content is not free.  A talented writer requires (and deserves) pay.  A professional publication is not pulled out of thin air and held together with spit and glue.  So, if I find a site that is really valuable to me, or that I visit frequently, I will happily subscribe.  More often than not though, I read news pulled from a variety of sources such as Drudge Report or Yahoo News.  Frequently, those articles contain links to other articles that also interest me so I’ll click on them.  It’s always disappointing when that link leads to a subscription only site.  But, I found a way around that!  Simply type the headline and the name of the publication into any search engine and Ta-DA!  You’re given a link that will allow you to read the article sans subscription!  Of course not every site allows this loophole, and many sites will limit the number of articles you can read this way per month.  All in all though, it’s nice to still be able to read the occasional New York Times op-ed, and who knows, if I find I’m hitting the NYT 10 free google links per month limit, I just might subscribe.

Lego Super Mario! WHAT?

One of my favorite pop culture happenings is the advent of the Lego-ization of popular characters for video games.  Lego Star Wars will go down as one of the few non-educational video games I encourage my kids to play because I get such a kick out of watching it but am too lazy to learn to play it myself.  Yesterday, I came across this video that gives the Lego treatment to a video game, but in a whole new way.  Of course Lego bricks are a perfect medium for stop motion animation because it’s easy to measure movement with them but some efforts are better than others.  This one is pretty awesome.