Good to know! (How to get around subscription firewalls.)

Many newspapers are taking their on line publications out of the realm of free internet content.  To long time surfers like myself, that’s kind of a bummer.  I don’t hate the papers because I totally understand that creating good content is not free.  A talented writer requires (and deserves) pay.  A professional publication is not pulled out of thin air and held together with spit and glue.  So, if I find a site that is really valuable to me, or that I visit frequently, I will happily subscribe.  More often than not though, I read news pulled from a variety of sources such as Drudge Report or Yahoo News.  Frequently, those articles contain links to other articles that also interest me so I’ll click on them.  It’s always disappointing when that link leads to a subscription only site.  But, I found a way around that!  Simply type the headline and the name of the publication into any search engine and Ta-DA!  You’re given a link that will allow you to read the article sans subscription!  Of course not every site allows this loophole, and many sites will limit the number of articles you can read this way per month.  All in all though, it’s nice to still be able to read the occasional New York Times op-ed, and who knows, if I find I’m hitting the NYT 10 free google links per month limit, I just might subscribe.


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