Sleep, what do you have against me?

I prize sleep.  Truly, I do.  Why, then, did I only get 5 hours of it last night???  I have to admit I stayed up till 11:30 reading.  (It was a cool book, I swear.)  And then I couldn’t go to sleep because I stupidly turned on Food Network’s Last Cake Standing and I HAD to see who got sent home.  So, it was nearly 1 before I actually slept.  Fine, I don’t have to be up and at ’em till 7:30.  Six some odd hours isn’t great, but it’ll get me through.  Sleep, however, must

have decided I didn’t deserve it’s company after all though, because I  was wide awake just before 6 A.M.  Honestly – What is that about??? Does my subconscious want me to have a crappy day?  Am I punishing myself for not being smart enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  All I can say is watch out afternoon – I’m gonna be one cranky Momma by the time I get to you today!

In somewhat related news, researchers have discovered the gene which makes some people use more caffeine than others.  As someone who’s childhood home was coffee free for religious reasons, but whose father surreptitiously  consumed it anyway, one would think I might never had developed a taste for the stuff.  But I, like virtually everyone else I know, developed a nice caffeine addiction based on soda in high school and I never looked back.  Once I got used to a nice, creamy cup of joe in the morning, I really started to lean on it.  Being pleasantly and correctly caffeinated is one of my favorite states.  (Hmmm…  Maybe that’s why I was up and at ’em after only five hours of sleep last night…)  Do I think I’m a true addict?  No.  No more so than most of the rest of the western world.  But the research is interesting.  You can read more about it here. And I will definitely be consuming more coffee than the average person today.  I love you, coffee.


2 responses to “Sleep, what do you have against me?

  1. I grew up with parents that drank coffee. I tasted it once and that was enough for me. I still love the smell though. One of my favorite things to do is go to Barnes and Noble without children so that I can smell the coffee and peruse books all day. I can happily report that I am 39 years old and still caffeine free. I don’t even drink a Coke once in awhile. That stuff is yucky too! I’m glad you have coffee to keep you awake and on your busy toes today. Cute post.

    • Funny how caffeine totally does it for some people and doesn’t for others. I’m a junkie and I know it. I got completely off it once, a few years ago, but as long as I’m careful not to over do it I really love the stuff. 😀 I hear you on B&N though. Books and coffee smell so good together!

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