Monthly Archives: June 2011

Where Have You Been, Fluffy Pants?


Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here.  I’ve been trying to write a daily post on my other blog, Stay at Home Mom Plans, but that has sapped all my blogging time.  Poor Fluffy Pants has been ignored.  So, in a (lame?) effort to keep them both going, I think I’ll cross post occasionally.  Today’s effort at Stay at Home Mom Plans involves sharing a new on line discovery.  An excerpt follows.

Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Meal Planners are Gonna Love This!

 Wow, do I have something great to share today!  Last night, a local news station ran a story last night about a meal planning web site that I knew I’d love from the second I saw it.  Food on the Table peruses your local grocery ads, you choose what you’re interested eating for the week and…  Please visit Stay at Home Mom Plans for more.