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A Wasted Date Night: Horrible Bosses :(

Horrible BossesLast night, spouse and I left the kids with a sitter and hit the town.  We had a good meal then caught a movie, Horrible Bosses.  Urgh.  We’d have had more fun at home putting the kids to bed.  I gave it 2.5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes simply because the cast was terrific given the material they had to work with.  My brief review is below.

Like everyone else talking about this movie, I have to say the excellent cast of this movie saved it from being Horrible itself. Collin Farrell was particularly good as the druggie boss out to bleed the company dry. However, the storyline was so unoriginal it was painful. Much of the dialogue and situations were eye rollingly predictable. There were a few sharp lines, but I honestly don’t know how they scored all these great actors with this lame movie.

How to Tell a Blogger You Love Them

Alright, I admit, this poor blog is gathering dust.  Sorry ’bout that.  My other blog, on the other hand, has been getting plenty of attention.  In fact, I added a new page over there today, telling people my favorite ways they can tell a blogger they love them.  If you’re so inclined, click the picture and check it out!