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George Strait Concert

Have I ever menitioned that I LOVE George Strait?  Yeah, I do.  A lot.  And I LOVE my husband even more.  He took me to see George’s farewell show in Salt Lake City for our anniversary.  What a guy.  🙂  Four videos we took at the concert are below.


George Strait sings All My Exes (Live in Texas)

George Strait performs All My Exes (Live in Texas) at the Energy Solutions Arena during his Cowboy Rides Away tour. January 25, 2013


George Strait sings Arkansas Dave

George Strait sings Arkansas Dave at the Energy Solutions Arena as part of his Cowboy Rides Away tour. January 25, 2013


George Strait Here for a Good Time / Ocean Front Property

George Strait opened his 2013 Salt Lake City concert with Here for a Good Time, then followed it with Ocean Front Property. Good, good stuff. Part of the Cowboy Rides Away tour.


George Strait Fulsom Prison Blues

George Strait performs Fulsom Prison Blues at the Energy Solutions Arena as part of the Cowboy Rides Away tour, January 25, 2013. Possibly the most incredible moment of an absolutely awesome night.

Historical Conundrums?

As I was cruising the internet this morning, I stumbled across a very interesting article titled 5 Baffling Discoveries That Prove History Books Are Wrong.  Of course I had to read it, and am, indeed, baffled.  Roman statues in ancient, buried Mexican cemetaries?  Cocaine in Egyptian mummies?  Whaaaattt???  Of course, I’m totally unfamiliar with the site, which is named Cracked and has a definite tabloid feel.  Of course the whole article could be a fabrication.  Whatever.  I still found it curious enough to share.  So click through, read, come back and tell me what you think.  Is it true or false.

Click the mummy to read the article.


Those Darn Birds!

I’m functioning a slowly today because I’m an idiot.  I spent the last two nights staying up late playing one more round of Angry Birds.  I feel so dumb.  It’s not like it’s particularly relaxing at the end of a stressful day to let stupid green pigs laugh at you.  It’s not like I’m gaining anything intellectually as I would if I’d been reading a great book.  It’s not rational at all.  But, there I was, 12:30 AM cheering to myself – didn’t want to wake the kids – when I killed that last darn pig!  So, after cussing myself this morning when I had to get up, I wasn’t sure I wanted to view this video.  Sure, it had a great premise, but more birds?  I kinda hated them at the moment.  However, I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I didn’t.  This is the odd kind of funny I needed this morning.  And, it’s an improvement on any real Michael Bay movie I’ve ever seen!

May I present Angry Birds: The Movie