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A One Eyed Cat Arrives

Last Saturday, I looked out my kitchen window while I loaded the dishwasher.  My neighbor across the street was working on his truck and trying not to notice a little kitten I knew didn’t belong there.  The kitten was kind of following him around and looked awfully thin.  I was on my way out for the day, but I told myself that if the kitten was still there when I returned at the very least I would take him some food.

"Junior/PJ" Day 1

Junior/PJ's Day 1

I returned home.  The kitten was still there.  I grabbed a bag of cat treats and went to meet him.  Immediately, I saw he was injured.   His eye looked terrible.  At first I thought it was only infected but soon I saw his eye was missing.  Then he purred the second I held my hand out – even before he knew I had food.  He was looking for a friend.  He was not quite skeletal thin – not quite.  And he was injured.  I couldn’t just leave the food and forget him.

I took him home and made him comfortable in my garage.  I cleaned then doctored his eye the best I could and gave him a big dish full of cat food.  I knew my two dogs would be a big shock for him, and that at least one of my cats was likely to be aggressive with him.  I posted a message on facebook and emailed all my neighbors, asking if anyone was missing a sweet gray kitten.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  No one was looking for him.

Of course he got to meet the kids.  They adored him immediately, and the feeling was mutual.  Then he met the dogs.  Yikes!  My hands are still scarred.  Fortunately, my dogs were raised with cats and didn’t give him reason to be fearful.  He’s adjusting to them.  My cats are generally disinterested – that’s bad because he’d really like to bond with them and that’s just not going to happen right now, but good because at least our snotty calico hasn’t tried to kill him yet.

Junior/PJ, Day 5

After just less than a week, the one eyed kitten now has two names, depending on which of my children is talking to him.  “Junior” or “PJ” still purrs on contact, and he’s learned to adventure all over the yard then come back when we call him.  I’m still looking for a family for him, who doesn’t already have a small zoo of their own.  I need to call the local pet rescue organizations.  Much as we love him, I honestly feel he deserves a home where he’ll get more attention than is available here.   But don’t be surprised if we end up fostering him for a while as he waits for his forever home.

The adventure continues…