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Jimmy Buffet: Good news from Margaritaville!

I’m not a bonafied Parrot Head.  I’m a casual listener, but Jimmy Buffet has made a mark on my world and I was concerned when I heard he’d stepped off his stage during a performance yesterday.  According to, Jimmy Buffet has been released from the hospital in Australia and is doing well.    And, to make this update even cheerier, here’s a lovely video of the man (younger version) himself.  Enjoy!



Is it perverse that I enjoy Doritos more when I eat them while watching The Biggest Looser?

Britney Spears + Public Restrooms = Me, astounded

I know, making fun of Britney Spears is SO 2008, but some British rag (that I swear I’m don’t remember how I found it or what I was reading on their site) had a story about the poor girl making a potty stop in a McDonald’s and it reminded me of old times.  Their pictures were lame.  It looked to me like she was taking her boys for a couple of Happy Meals.  They were just piling on and old story.  I mean, how long has it been since she was photographed going, barefoot, into a gas station bathroom?  Ewww.  Ok, I had to see that picture again.  Something like that simply amazes me, almost as much as cats pooping in toilets…  Google produced four legit pics of Britney and bathrooms.  I share them now, for your pleasure.

Note the bare feet. After all these years Im still awed, confused and grossed out by this whole scene.

Ok, this one is for a Candies shoes ad or something, but it works with my theme...

Lego V8 – How cool is that?

The time has come to show you just the kind of nerd I am.  I found this video tonight, and cannot get over how awesome it is! Check out those RPMs!   Man, the cool stuff you can build with Legos just never ends!

Follow Your Passion

Every self-help book gives advice of one sort or another on living a successful life.  Every single one of them declares that one must follow one’s passion in order to become a rock star in one’s world.  But what if your passion is being lazy?  Can someone who is passionately lazy become a supernova of laziness?  That’s antithetical.  Right?

What I’ve Learned about Horses

I’ve learned not to do this.

What I’ve Learned

Last night, I learned there are a multitude of cats doing their business on toilets videos on YouTube.  Said clips are quite graphic and gross, but strangely fascinating.  I watched three of them before I realized what I was doing and forced myself to focus on funny Ha Ha videos instead of funny EWWWW.  I will spare you the pooping cats, and share a Roomba cat video instead.  Not only does this fabulous feline roll with the robot, but he rolls with the punches, too!